Premier Freelance Journal Post

First Hello World done with Red/System program...

First Hello World done with Red/System programming language (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello World?
Isn’t that what all programmers learn first when learning a new programming language?  At least, it used to be.

In a way, this is a new language for me.  I’m figuring out if I’ll always be a corporate drudge, working for the man.  It’s a bit scary to me to venture out and see if I can be an entrepreneur.

I’ve had so many ideas over the years about businesses. Most were brick and mortar types, like a BBQ restaurant, Bed & Breakfast, etc.  I’ve tried my hand at an online business too, using drop shipping to fulfill orders.

Now, I’m going to try being a freelancer.  I’ll chronicle my journey here.  It may end in me remaining in the corporate world, or, it could show me how to earn as much or more as an entrepreneur. Time will tell.

In the upcoming posts, I’ll chronicle my steps so far, and admit to any missteps as well.  So far, I’m learning my craft, so to speak.


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