Paying it Forward

Elance is the first site that I’ve enrolled with and I’ve bid a couple of jobs to start the ball rolling and get my feet wet.  I’ve done some research on the kinds of jobs that I think I can do, and what is popular on Elance.

On my second application to freelance some technical writing, I get a very quick reply from the person that is hiring.  She said she wanted a female.  Wow! Reverse discrimination?  Nope, she was looking for someone to write an article about breast feeding.  No doubt a female can relate more to breast feeding than most guys, so, I was okay.

My wife is a NICU nurse, and therefore more familiar with breast feeding than a first time mom; so, I suggested to the person hiring that she might be a good fit.  My wife is not a specialist in this area, but, she knows more than average, and has helped new moms in this area, at least for preemies.

Here’s the part that I found strange in this process, is that she gets an offer to write, while I did all the work registering for Elance, putting in all of the background information, applying for a freelance writing job, etc.  I guess I’m paying it forward somehow?


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