Nutraloaf, Pemmican and other complete meals in one “ideal food”

Is there such a thing as an ideal, all-in-one food?

During the last year or more, I’ve been losing weight the old fashioned way, via diet and exercise.   I’ve tried various combinations of foods, and varied my nutrient ratios for protein, fat, and carbohydrates.  I’ve taken great care to log the food I eat and the exercise I do each day.


My Fitness Pal suggests a certain ratio of these macro nutrients, which I’ve always felt were weighted a bit too high on the carb side.  Considering I’m a diabetic, I altered the ratios to add more protein, and less carbs.  Whether that’s good or bad, I’ll leave up to the nutritionists to argue.



All of this preamble leads me to the actual subject of this blog post.  I’ve read about Nutraloaf, including a few food critics trying various recipes.  Those links are at the end of the Wikipedia article linked above.  While nutritious, it isn’t appetizing, which is the whole point of feeding it to prisoners who misbehave.  On the other hand, could I take a nutraloaf recipe, modify it to be tasty?  I’d welcome comments from anyone who have tried to make it more palatable.



I’ve also read about other portable meals that have been used throughout history, like pemmican.  Most of the early recipes for this were based upon meat and fat, with maybe a few berries thrown in for a bit of flavor.  Very low in carbs, but, also very high in animal fats.  It does have good shelf life supposedly.  During my research in this area, I hit upon an modern equivalent of pemmican.  Epic Bars makes a variety of whole food nutrition bars that are sugar free.  Something most other nutrition bar manufacturers wished they could say.  I intend to give them a try, especially the Bison with uncured bacon and cranberry.  Another one that looks tasty is the Beef with cherry and habanero.


Leave a comment if you’ve run across any other type of all-in-one nutrition bar or drink that is natural and not a lot of chemicals thrown together, like protein powders.


DISCLAIMER: This blog, in general, is about freelancing, or more specifically about me learning enough about subjects areas, to get paid for doing them, or writing about them.  At this point, I haven’t decided about a specialty, so, I’m blogging about something I like, which is food.


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