More freelance job applications & training

Elance I’ve applied for two more article writing gigs.  The free version or subscription, if you prefer, allows for up to 40 job applications per month.  This is slightly more than 1 per day, and I have a few left.  I’m still feeling my way around on Elance, but, plan to submit up to the maximum each month. The hard part of course is to show anything in my portfolio or to submit prior work, when there’s nothing to share.  Outside of my corporate life, I’m still new to freelancing.

Workfu A very strange name; I totally agree.  I also don’t know if it’s very useful yet or not.  Feel free to leave comments or questions. If you have a Twitter handle, and you tweet about anything, even if you just favorite or retweet, Workfu will analyze your tweets, and those that you follow, etc. and then recommend certain keywords.  You chose which ones should be used and add new ones based upon the type of work you are interested in.  Workfu then combs through Twitter, trying to line up potential employer and what you are interested in doing as a freelancer.

Of course, since I only have a day’s worth of exposure to this, I may have left out some essential facts, or have just plan missed the boat.  In any case, I’ll revisit this topic and report back.

LinkedIn I already have a LinkedIn profile based upon my corporate life.  The question I’ve asked myself is whether I should start a new separate profile for freelance work.  I think I might be jumping the gun a bit, as I don’t have much to put into any kind of profile for this site.



2 comments on “More freelance job applications & training

  1. mgm75 says:

    Elance is heavy going, it took me a LONG time to get work on there but it’s pretty consistent now. Have you tried odesk? More jobs, more applications BUT you will have to wade through a lot more rubbish.


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