Food Industry Research

Market Research


3125Hort19 (Photo credit: College of Ag Communications)

As part of my ongoing effort to reinvent myself as a freelancer, I was looking at some of my other interests like opening a barbecue joint, or perhaps a bed and breakfast.  Given my nature and background I used a spreadsheet to look at the food industry in general.  What part of the food industry was profitable and growing?  What needs are not being fulfilled?  What niche can I fill?  In other words, some market research.

All interesting questions, right?  Food!  In America, at least, it’s everywhere.  We eat all the time, and a lot of it is not so good for us.

English: Frozen meat grinder GW 300.

English: Frozen meat grinder GW 300. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember very vividly getting a meat grinder attachment for our Kitchen-Aid mixer, to grind our own meat to avoid pink slime.  That’s one where the manufacturers got their hand caught in the proverbial cookie jar.  It’s also a gnat sitting on top of this huge elephant.  There’s so much we don’t know, unless we’re industry insiders or very, very vigilant.

The farm-to-table concept is catching fire; I hope to see this become a norm, not just another food trend!

I’m still researching food as a business opportunity.  If I do start a restaurant or produce a food product, I definitely want to avoid anything that smacks of “secret” ingredients, to get us to eat more, or pay more for less.


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