Top Infamous Freelance Professions

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Top Infamous Freelance Professions

Tongue-in-cheek, hopefully humorous list of top freelancer professions in history
There aren’t too many rules around how these were chosen. For the most part, these are professions where a person gets money from others, by selling a product, or providing a service, or by forceful means. These are not ranked, except for the oldest profession.  The first five are rather nefarious, the last 3 are much more respectable.

  1. Prostitute


    Prostitution (Photo credit: Nils Hamerlinck)

  2. Pirate, outlaw, gangster
  3. Soldier of Fortune or mercenary
  4. Black market (anything that is illegal or in short supply)
  5. anarchists

I did not include politician nor dictator; both are generally paid by their governments.  Of course, the worst ones get something through the second method above, via bribes, kick-backs, etc.


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