Changes to this blog

Blog Improvements to Freelancing

This blog has two new pages to help other freelancers to find resources. I believe these curated lists are strong additions to the site.  If I’ve not yet tried them, I’ll mention it; your mileage may vary.

General Education for Freelancing

This page has various educational websites that offer both free and paid education. So far, I’ve only taken free webinars, or watched free videos. As I take more courses, I’ll blog about them

Freelance Job Sites

Building a clientele is very hard going for almost any business. Even afterwards, freelancers are looking for their next gig. The list on this page are those sites that I’ve either worked with, or have seen positive feedback. I;ll add more sites, and maybe prune sites as I learn more.

Guest Blogging about Freelancing

Guest blogging is very much welcome here.  If you have something to contribute via a post here, please leave a comment.  We’ll discuss your ideas and make it happen.  This would not be ghost writing; you keep any copyright privileges and your name will be attached.

I’d be honored if anyone felt I could contribute to their blog.  As above, I only ask to retain copyright privileges and have my name as the author.



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