My Thoughts on Freelancers a.k.a Digital Workers

Wow! What a great article on freelancing. Definitely worth the time to read and to follow the Techie Foodie blog.

Techie Foodie - Tech, Food, Freelance and Design

I’ve been freelancing on and off for the past few years already and decided quit my corporate job and go full time and work remotely.

But like any decision, it wasn’t easy to drop everything and go a different path. It’s not as easy as saying “Oh, I want Japanese food” and then after 1 minute “Oh, maybe pasta would be better“. It’s a decision that you have to think long and hard. Here’s my thoughts and a few stuff I picked up as I go along.


My initial advice to some people who I’ve talked to that are considering working remotely is to think long and hard. If you have a corporate job, especially if you’ve been working for 5+ years, here are some questions that you askyourself:

  1. Am I ready to take the plunge?
  2. Do I have enough savings to…

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