– First Impressions makes 3!

Besides &, I’ve started a profile on As I’ve covered in earlier posts, Elance and oDesk are merging. Their training videos show both brands. I’m not sure if they will combine both web sites, but, actually, they are one entity.


Reluctantly I started a profile on Keeping up with 3 sites might be spreading myself too thin. This site gamifies searching for a freelance job. I haven’t quite finished my profile, but I’m level 8 so far. I haven’t yet figured out how this all works, and what rewards are available.

Reddit Reviews

I’ve read some bad reviews of about paying freelancers.  Slow pay, bad customer service, etc.

$5 test fees

Yeah, $5 each.  Want to take 5 tests? $25 bucks please.  I took one, passed it, but, I won’t take more at this time.  They charged me $5.41.  So, there must’ve been tax or some hidden service fee.

Moving on

Let’s see.  Bad reviews and overcharging me for a test.  I don’t see me going forward with finishing my profile or even attempting to bid on a job here.  Drop me a comment if you have positive experiences; I may reconsider this.  For now though, I’m moving on.


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