My First Two Freelance Jobs

English: Open book icon

English: Open book icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Job #1 – Technical Book reviews on Amazon

I reviewed four technical books on Amazon.  All were similar to each other; books to prepare people for a certification tests.  Fortunately, it was an area where I have a couple of decades experience, making it rather easy.  The only way to get a verified review was to buy the books; the employer would reimburse me.  I really didn’t want the books, and would have either needed to ship them to the employer, or sell them or donate them. I had to write a fifth review for a book which did not need to be published.  Each review needed to be between 350 and 500 words.  It was very easy to do.

I was hired via oDesk for this gig, and was paid a net of $10.80.  oDesk got their cut too.  There was even a little “tip” money included, which was nice.  I hope they contact me again.



English: The EMHS iPhone app screenshot

English: The EMHS iPhone app screenshot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Job #2 – iPhone App reviews

The second job this week was reviewing two slots games for iOS.  Part of the job description was to download the app, play it, and download at least 4 apps offered as ads in the first two games.  This meant two original games, plus 8 more game apps.  I only needed to review the first two games in iTunes.  I don’t play too many games on my iPhone or iPad, but, it was easy work, and I earned $4.50 after oDesk took their 10% cut.

Total earnings this week: $15.30

Not a living wage, certainly, but, pretty easy money.  I wouldn’t mind doing more Amazon reviews.  I’d rather be writing about food, if I had my way.  Who am I kidding, I’d rather cook and eat!  Go see my Paladin Cooks blog!



One comment on “My First Two Freelance Jobs

  1. mgm75 says:

    Once you have built up a reputation and got a few reviews you can be a bit more picky and most importantly – charge more! My first odesk job was for “famous top ten things” each article for 1000 words and $12 a piece. I finally ended that contract a couple of weeks ago. It was pleasurable job but was time to move on.

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