Ebook Ghost Writing

I set myself a challenge.  I took a gig at oDesk to ghostwrite a cookbook.  It was to have a specific format in MS Word.  It needed to be 20 recipes and about 25 pages in length.  I completed it in roughly a week.  I didn’t do it for the money, about $22.50 after fees.  I did it to see if I could write more than a product review, and have a deadline.  The ebook also had to pass Copyscape, which it did very nicely.

My other blog at Paladin Cooks illustrates the way I think about food.  While I can’t publish any of the recipes on my own blog, it did give me some ideas about writing my own cookbook, built from recipes on my blog.  The ebook that I wrote had no pictures.  I love looking at food porn.  I’ll need a better camera and a lot of practice if I want to produce the gorgeous pictures I see on other food blogs.

An icon for food recipes on Wikibooks.

An icon for food recipes on Wikibooks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other thing I discovered in the course of this writing job is that I can create recipes very easily.  I read several published recipes, then altered some ingredients, spices, and even cooking methods to come up with a unique recipe.  I lacked the time on this project to actually test any of my recipes.  If I put together a cookbook, the recipes will be tested and fine tuned.  After all, what’s a family for?  They’re my “test subjects”!

I’ve also decided to take a short time away from freelance writing, like ebooks, product reviews and such.  I want to concentrate on my Etsy shop, gathering products to sell.  I also want to spend some time on my two blogs, and on doing some art.


Recreating myself as a freelancer

Blog Hawaii license plate

I blog, therefore I Write?

On Sunday, I took a chance, a small one, but, a risk nonetheless.  I replied to a post by The Daily Post about Community Pool.  I replied to a couple of others that had asked for feedback on their blog.  I also asked for feedback on mine.  I got a few responses, and a handful of followers.  All good so far, right?

One person asked me the best question of all.  I’m paraphrasing a bit, “what is your blog about”.  Great question!  Since I plan on blogging regularly, and about a variety of subjects, it may not be clear what my purpose is on this blog.

I have a few goals for myself about this blog; along the way I may discard some and add others.  For now, I’m content in keeping a journal about my attempt to become a freelancer.  That can cover a lot of territory, as there are hundreds of things that freelancers do to earn an income.  I know there are some things I don’t want to do, or don’t feel it’s worth my time to learn.

I published a To Do blog post a few days ago.  For now, that is my roadmap.  I will certainly be updating the list as I go along on this journey, but it won’t be a regular feature.