Estate Sales, Yet Another Passion

Estate Sales!

In some ways, they’re kind of sad. The person’s belongings that are being sold has either died, or is downsizing for one reason or another. The positive side is that the heirs will get a reasonable price for all of grandma’s treasures.
The other upside is the these antiques and heirlooms re-enter the market place.

Austrian Beer Stein

Austrian Beer Stein

In my case, I like to collect beer steins. Now that I’ve been collecting them for about 3 decades, I find that there aren’t too many places I can really display them. It’s time to clear house.

Antique-creamer-sideI’ve also picked up the odd piece of silver plate. I have no real knowledge of silver or silver plate. My eye is drawn to the unique and artistic. I’ve also bought art and books at an estate sale. I only buy what I like and can afford.

So, what do I do with all of my new-old possessions? I started an Etsy store! Of course! I could do it on Ebay, but, I like the eclectic nature of Etsy. Kind of artsy-fartsy.

The other business idea I’ve been thinking about is to be a shopper for others.  Perhaps someone is looking for a particular item, maybe an antique watch or depression-era glass.  I see it as a kind of personal shopper.

The point of all of this is that the list of opportunities to be a freelancer extend way beyond writing.  If I could create music, or sing or make stunning photographs, I’d be trying those too.